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Adata Introduces Fast SE760 Externally SSD

Adata Technology has declared the launch of an all-new portable SSD, the SE760. Designed for broad compatibility and high efficiency, Adata’s SE760 uses a USB 3.2 Gen 2 interface to perform at speeds of as much as 10 GBps. However, not only is it quick, it is smooth, compact, and comes in two colors to select from.Adata Introduces Fast SE760 Externally SSD

Adata designed the SE760 for those looking for high-speed storage to use on their Mac or Windows PC in addition to various different devices. With its USB-C type connector, it is suitable for almost any USB-compatible system.

The drive comes in three capabilities to suite the mainstream: 256GB, 512GB, and 1TB. Adata’s SE760 features 3D NAND flash. Each capability is rated to perform at reading speeds of as much as 1 GBps, which means users can read a 10GB file in merely 10 seconds; however, while read efficiency is guaranteed to be fast, the SKUs lack official writes speed scores.

Adata strengthens the SE760 with a 3-year guarantee.

The SE760 looks modern and robust, too. There are two color choices: black and Titanium Grey. With a hairline-brushed metal shell, it can take a drop or two and keep on going.

It measures 122.2l x 44w x 14h mm and weighs just 95 g, making it compact and portable.


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