Apple Card’s Algorithm Gives Lower Credit Limit to Co-Founder’s Wife

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak joined in the online discussion over accusations of gender prejudice by the algorithm behind the iPhone maker’s credit card, stoking scrutiny of the newly released Apple Card.

The criticism started Thursday, after entrepreneur David Heinemeier Hansson railed against the Apple Card in a spate of Twitter posts, saying it gave him 20 times the credit restrict his spouse received.

The much-awaited titanium credit card, part of a broader plan by Apple to derive higher income from services after years of heavy dependence on iPhone sales, was released in August, in collaboration with Goldman Sachs Group.

In an email, Goldman stated Apple Card applicants had been evaluated independently, based on income and creditworthiness, taking into account factors akin to individual credit scores and personal debt.

Hansson, who’s the creator of web-software framework Ruby on Rails, did not reveal any particular income-associated data for himself or his spouse but tweeted that they filed joint tax returns and that his spouse had a better credit score.

On Saturday, Wozniak came across a similar issue, saying he received ten times extra credit score on the card, in contrast with his spouse.

New York’s Division of Financial Services mentioned it was starting an inquiry into Goldman Sachs’ credit card methods.

That barred an algorithm, like any other technique of figuring out creditworthiness, from disparate treatment primarily based on individual characteristics age, creed, race, shade, sex, gender, national origin, amongst others, she added.


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