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Cisco to Accelerate Industrial IoT Using 5G

While 5G deployments are rising, Cisco says it expects rapid future development of the mobile technology will expand industrial IoT use cases.

The IIoT includes a broad array of products from linked sensors, robots, and machinery to automobiles, building automation, asset tracking, and remote agriculture programs. And in the industrial networking realm, there are wireless technologies together with low-power wide-area networks, Narrow Band-IoT, and others.

5G on the other hand – based on a recent Network World article is “an umbrella term to explain a set of standards and technologies for an extraordinarily faster wireless internet that is up to 20x faster with 120x less latency than 4G, setting the stage for IoT networking advances and support for brand new high-bandwidth applications.”

In a recent IIoT white paper, Cisco wrote about the plenty of networking options open to the IIoT, noting “prominent examples embody standards from the IEEE family of networking protocols, like 802.3 Ethernet, 802.1 time-sensitive networking, and different variations of 802.11 and 802.15.4.

The emerging 5G standards with New Radio are targeting new abilities comparable to automobile-to-everything and extremely reliable low-latency communication for industrial use. And there are industrial communication buses standardized by IEC, such as PROFINET and Modbus, Cisco stated.


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