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Czechs to Support Germany’s Decision on Huawei Strategy

The Czech Republic is more likely to follow the strategy of Germany and other neighboring nations in addressing points related to Huawei while constructing 5G networks, the industry minister was quoted as saying on Thursday.

The Czech cybersecurity agency NUKIB warned in December 2018 of potential risks from utilizing Huawei technology, which raised questions over the role it could play in building next-gen 5G mobile networks after a frequencies tender in 2020. But that has not led to an outright ban of the Chinese firm.

It comes as the U.S. has led a campaign to convince associates to ban the firm from future networks. Huawei rejects U.S. allegations it can spy on users.

Germany this month finalized rules for the build-out of 5G networks that won’t exclude Huawei.

Czech Business Minister Karel Havlicek said Thursday that the state was following how the problem was playing out in Europe.

The telecoms regulator CTU is due to launch an auction of 5G frequencies in early 2020 and has stated the Huawei issue is just not a threat to that plan.

The NUKIB warning from December 2108 was nonetheless legitimate, a report further quoted the office’s head, Radek Holy, as saying Thursday. Holy stated a report on the state of cybersecurity in the nation would be ready at the earliest by the end of 2020 Q1.


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