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Dell Mulls to Integrate AMD Products in its Systems Following Intel’s CPU Crisis

It’s no secret that Intel has had CPU provide points, and that, after all, has an effect on PC manufacturers. Though high costs can considerably decrease demand, it does open the doors for vendors to look toward alternative sources. Now Dell, which has been pretty loyal to Intel over the past, is looking at utilizing more AMD CPUs of their systems.

Dell CFO Tom Sweet said that Dell does not expect Intel’s scarcity to improve until the second half of 2020 and is “evaluating” AMD processors.

This comes after Dell’s most recent monetary quarter, in which the seller saw consumer PC sales drop 6% due to the Intel scarcity.

AMD’s chips are more and more competitive against Intel, with the newest technology, Ryzen 3000, CPUs built on a decidedly smaller 7nm fabrication process and considerably beating Intel’s chips in terms of performance per dollar. The further this value gap widens, the more tempting it can be for PC manufacturers to make that switch. That is happening at a time when PC components are experiencing vital price drops, with DRAM prices at an all-time low and prices of GPUs no longer rising by the crypto bubble.

This isn’t the first time Dell can be using AMD products into its machines, although previously it was mostly GPUs and a small number of CPUs in choose PCs. Industry experts think the contract with AMD would utterly push Intel aside. Relatively, if a tie between Dell and AMD does take place, it will likely mean giving options to consumers, based on demand.


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