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EKWB Launches New Pump/Res Combo Units in 300 mm and 200 mm Variants

After an extended reign of the EK-XRES Revo pumps, EKWB is renewing them with the new Quantum Kinetic line of the reservoir and pump combo units. These EK-Quantum tube reservoirs are fastened with D5 pumps, which is one of the hottest and reliable pumps utilized in high-end custom liquid cooling. The brand new Quantum series updates the line with some of the features expected these days from new components.

One of the notable changes is D-RGB assist, which signifies that you’ll be capable of individually dealing with the RGB LEDs in the EK-Quantum units, both via a motherboard or another external lighting controller.

The second evident change is the addition of more inlet and outlet ports. The top of the unit now has three G1/4” threads, where one among them even has a pre-installed internal brass tube with a nickel plating. The function of this tube is that if you determine to use the highest of the res/pump combo unit as fluid intake, the machine leads into the reservoir’s supply, stopping the fluid from splashing from above. The bottom of the unit now has three G1/4” threads, one of which is a brand new port that can be utilized either as an inlet or a drain port.

Beyond that, the pump/res combo units stay mostly unchanged. Compatibility is retained with existing acrylic tubes for the reservoirs, and so they can nonetheless be utilized with existing D5 holders and brackets.

EKWB is launching the items in four variants: two heights: 300 mm and 200 mm, each of which will probably be available both with plexiglass accenting or with Acetal components. These two different variants provide their lighting looks. The 200 mm variants will cost $231.79, while the 300 mm units are priced at $256.19.


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