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Europe Runs Out of IPv4 Address- RIPE

RIPE (Réseaux IP Européens), the Regional Web Registry for Europe, declared Monday that it has run out of IPv4 addresses. Any new allocation will be drastically limited in the future.

RIPE mentioned this could not come as a surprise to network operators, because the IPv4 run-out has been long-awaited and planned for by the RIPE community.

RIPE stated that it would proceed to release IPV4 addresses in the future, however, it’s based on a waiting list. It further plans to give them out to firms that didn’t receive an IPv4 allocation from RIPE at all up to now, regardless of how small or large that allocation.

These IPv4 addresses will be reused from firms that have closed down or from networks that no longer want specific IPv4 address ranges. RIPE further warned that there would be small quantities allocated to its new members, and these amounts won’t come near the millions of IPv4 addresses that networks in Europe require right now.

IPv4 addresses can no longer accommodate all of these gadgets, and RIPE believes that it’s long-delayed that more corporations shift to using IPv6 addresses.

RIPE drew a graph to indicate how many members are on the waiting list proper now, and issues aren’t looking very encouraging for those in need of IPv4 addresses.

RIPE called on all stakeholders to play their role in IPv6 rollout so that the Web doesn’t become unnecessarily limited within the not-too-distant future over a lack of sufficient network identifiers. The group promised to offer advice, training, measurements, and instruments to help network operators as they put their deployment strategies into action.


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