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Ex-Google CEO Urges U.S. Government to Invest More in AI, Warns of China’s Dominance

U.S. government investment in artificial intelligence (AI) has fallen short, and the nation must invest in analysis, train an AI-ready team and apply the technology to national security projects, a government-commissioned board led by Google’s former CEO said in an interim report on Monday.

The National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence (NSCAI), started by Congress in 2018, raised concerns in regard to the progress China has made in this domain. It further mentioned the U.S. government nonetheless faces enormous work before it can transform AI from “a promising technological novelty into a mature technology combined into core national security projects.”

The commission thinks a united effort on AI in the interest of national security is essential, said Robert Work, VC of the NSCAI, and a former deputy secretary of defense. The NSCAI has spoken with Japan, Canada, the UK, Australia, and the EU, Work said.

China is investing more than the US in AI, highlighted the report, which referred to the Asian nation over 50 times.

A spokesperson for China’s embassy in Washington didn’t instantly respond to a request for comment.

A part of the commission’s report addressed whether the U.S. ought to restrict American cooperation with Chinese AI researchers, along with visa and export controls. The challenge U.S. delegates face is that American trade and academic leaders have stated that any such restrictions would hurt the U.S. financial system, the report said.

The commissioners didn’t specify options, saying instead that “the selection need not be a binary one between cooperating and disengaging.”

It stated, however, the USA should be open to collaborating with China on promoting the effective use of AI, including, for instance, jointly banning the use of AI to authorize the launch of atomic weapons.


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