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France Uber Adds Electric Motorbikes to Its App in Paris

Uber is adding electric mopeds to its applications in Paris. Starting the subsequent month, 4,000 motorbikes controlled by French startup Cityscoot will be available to book and pay directly in the Uber app. The addition of e-mopeds comes as Uber is trying to become the de facto mobility app for urban areas while also reining in its huge cash losses.

Integrated with the recently revealed integration of public transit to the app, the addition of electric mopeds means Paris shall be home to Uber’s most extensive suite of mobility options. Alongside cars, scooters, and bikes, the motorbikes will be featured on the home display as well as in the list of possibilities after inputting a destination. Riding a Cityscoot e-moped won’t alter in price; it’ll still cost 29 cents per 60 seconds, with payment being robotically managed on the Uber app.

There’s a risk that Uber is dismantling itself by offering a brand new mode of transportation. However, Uber argues that mopeds won’t consume too much into its different services. It estimates that scooters are for very short journeys averaging 2 kilometers or less, bikes for medium journeys of 3 km, and mopeds for trips averaging 4 km.

Cityscoot is the newest third-party rental service to pop up in Uber’s app, despite not being owned by Uber. In 2018 the ride-hailing giant a partnered with Lime, which ultimately led to the electric scooter startup’s two-wheeled autos ability to be rented and paid for via Uber’s app.


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