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Hacker Hack Couple’s Ring Door Bell, Asks for $400K in Bitcoin

A hacker tried to extort a couple in Texas for $400k worth of Bitcoin after hacking their Amazon Ring doorbell.

28-year-old Tania Amador gave a video to the local news channel, which showed the breach.

Amador, who lives in Grand Prairie outside of Dallas, said her Ring doorbell was turning off like someone had entered her house.

The hackers then reportedly asked for 50 Bitcoins ($4 million), which was probably a bit high to ever fool anyone into considering it was authentic.

When it was understood the couple was not being fooled, the hackers started threatening to “close” Amador herself if she did not comply. To add to the authenticity, the hackers damaged her doorbell to make it seem like they were outside her house.

Ring has faced criticisms a lot in recent times; however, it has confronted heightened scrutiny since Amazon acquired the agency for $1 billion in 2018.

A report from noted the software program is available for as little as $6 to damage Ring doorbells. However, Ring claims the breaches were resulting from a third-party data theft in which clients’ account details had been exposed and not a result of vulnerability with the gadget itself.

Governments and their agencies have been improving public information efforts about securing IoT devices to assist in preventing such thefts.

In November, the Australian government released a draft code of practice for IoT cybersecurity. Also, last week, the FBI made several recommendations about IoT units along with keeping them on a separate network.

“With hackers more and more focusing on the rapidly rising number of IoT units coming online, it is worth following every bit of advice on protecting yourself from a cyberattack like the one attempted on the couple in Texas”, the government stated.


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