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Intel Rocket Lake-S Desktop to Arrive with Gen 12 Xe GPUs

Intel’s 11th-Gen Rocket Lake-S desktop CPU details have begun showing in the online rumor mill. The new information from the Chinese based PTT PC forums unveils that Rocket Lake-S will feature a few adjustments compared to the 10th Generation Comet Lake-S processors, which come next year.

The Intel Rocket Lake-S CPU family is predicted to come on the mainstream desktop platform by 2021

and will be the 11th Gen household, changing the 10th Gen Comet Lake-S fleet, which is predicted to roll out next year.

The Intel Rocket Lake-S processors will feature an improved 14nm node. This will be the last and most superior 14nm process node so far, and with most of Intel’s processors moving to sub 14nm in 2021, there will be sufficient capacity to provide timely delivery of mainstream desktop processors to users.

The 11th Gen family is expected to come with U and S series processors. For beginners, the rumor says that the Rocket Lake-S family will feature as much as eight cores. This is similar to the Comet Lake-S fleet, which can offer ten cores with a TDP of 125W. Rocket Lake-S is also that includes AVX-256 and not AVX-512 like the 10nm Ice Lake or Tiger Lake fleet. There’s DDR4 support for as much as 3733 MHz (32 GB) and 2933 MHz (128 GB) local speeds.

The Rocket Lake-S family is predicted to show the Gen 12 GPU structure onboard the chip. Intel’s Gen 12 GPUs are inspired by the Xe GPU architecture, which can even be shown on Tiger Lake CPUs. Now, Tiger Lake is aimed at mobility platforms, however, it is predicated on the 10nm Willow Cove cores while Rocket Lake-S processors are powered by a 14nm process a node.


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