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Japan Composes Song suing AI to Welcome Pope Francis

Few aspects of life escape the brush of high tech in hi-tech Japan, including a song written to give a warm welcome to Pope Francis when he visits Japan from this Saturday.

Lyrics written by Jun Inoue, the song, “Protect all Life – The Indicators of the Times”, relies on the theme of the pope’s Japan visit and was partly composed utilizing artificial intelligence (AI)-powered program Inoue created that can write a chunk of music in just a few seconds.

Inoue, a writer, and composer who has written for top brands, including Arashi, and is Catholic, said he struggled to use the AI program, however, he finally decided to include it as a result of the history of music and technology were intertwined.

The song, which was written on the behest of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Japan, will be performed at masses in the city of Nagasaki in addition to Tokyo and comes in several variations, including instrumental and karaoke.

There are also dance steps and stylized hand gestures that are the Japanese sign language version of the lyrics, with a teaching video posted on the official site for the pope’s visit. Inoue hopes worshippers at the public masses, to be held at stadiums, will sing and dance along with the song.

While the footwork is easy, consisting of side-to-side steps in time to the music, the sign language could take a bit more time to grasp.

Theme songs for popish visits have been composed before.  His visit from November 23-26, which may also include Hiroshima, is just the second papistic visit to Japan and the first since John Paul II 38 years ago.


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