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Microsoft Renames Office 365, Rolls out New Features for Word, Excel, PowerPoint

Microsoft is updating its Office 365 subscription with a new focus on customers, changing the name to Microsoft 365 and introducing tons of new features for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Skype.

Microsoft Renames Office 365, Rolls out New Features for Word, Excel, PowerPoint

The price stays at $99 for a yearly subscription, says Microsoft.

Some of the new updates become effective today, while most roll out on April 21st, the day Office 365 officially becomes Microsoft 365. The corporate calls it “the subscription for your life to help you utilize your time, connect and defend the ones you love, and to develop and grow.”

New Editor is described as an AI-powered tool for Word and Outlook that makes writing suggestions for grammar and sentence structure. Subscribers will now be capable to “write with clarity and conciseness,” says Microsoft vice-president Yusef Mehdi.

 PowerPoint will now feature the ability to place videos in the background and work on public speaking tips is added to the. The Coach will “listen to your tone of voice and give suggestions in real-time to suggest adding some variation where required,” says Mehdi.

Microsoft is bringing in Quicken-like tools to track purchases, create graphs based on spending and offer meals nutritional data in Excel.

Microsoft has instruments to detect when a child is learning to drive and to catch whether she or he looked down at their phone while in the car. This mobile app for 365 subscribers will also manage screen time across Windows PCs, Android, and Xbox gadgets.


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