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Quibi and EKO Get into Court Battle Over Video Technology

Two video startups are making dueling legal claims against the other. Eko is accusing Quibi of stealing its patented technology.

Quibi and EKO Get into Court Battle Over Video Technology

At around the same time, another report noted that Quibi, which is introducing its short-form mobile video service next month has filed a complaint in California court claiming that Eko has carried out “a campaign of threats.”

At the core of the conflict is Quibi’s Turnstyle technology, which permits viewers to shift between landscape and portrait-mode viewing seamlessly.

Both firms seem to agree that Eko CEO Yoni Bloch met with Jeffrey Katzenberg in March 2017 a few possible investments in Eko and that there was no less than one follow-up meeting between Quibi and Eko employees last year.

Eko claims that it provided Quibi staff — both while they had been working at Quibi and before that, when they were at Snap — with code behind its technology.

After Katzenberg and Quibi CEO Meg Whitman showcased Turnstyle at CES this year, Eko sent a letter to Quibi claiming that the function infringed on its intellectual property.


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