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Researchers Develop Low-cost Machine Using Solar Energy for Home Cooling

Home cooling and heating is a standard need in most inhabited locations. In Europe, the energy utilized for air conditioning is growing rapidly, and the situation may worsen in the near future because of the temperature increase in numerous areas worldwide. The rising cooling need in buildings, particularly during the summer season, is met by air conditioners, which frequently make use of refrigerants with high environmental impact and, besides, lead to high electricity consumption.

Researchers Develop Low-cost Machine Using Solat Energy for Home Cooling

A brand new study revealed in Science Advances by a research team based at the Politecnico di Torino (SMaLL) and the National Institute of Metrological Research (INRiM) proposes a device capable of producing a cooling load without the usage of electricity.

Like extra conventional cooling gadgets, this new technology further exploits the evaporation of a liquid. However, the vital concept proposed by the Turin researchers is to use regular water and everyday salt instead of chemical compounds that are potentially dangerous for the environment.

The environmental impression of the new system is also diminished because it’s based on passive phenomena, i.e., spontaneous procedure of capillarity and evaporation, instead of pumps and compressors that require energy and maintenance.

The interesting feature of the recommended device is its modular design composed of cooling items a few centimeters thick each, which might be stacked to increase the cooling impact in series, as occurs with standard batteries.


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