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Researchers Use Inkjet and Screen Printing for Electronic 3D Printed Articles

Inkjet and screen printing technologies haven’t only been used in the graphics business, however, both have been more and more used for scientific research and prototype work. Notably, the printing of semi-conductive supplies has attracted much consideration in the last 20 years.

A research crew from Chemnitz University of Technology and the Fraunhofer ENAS Institute in Chemnitz, Germany, has just lately published a study in Advanced Engineering Materials in which the mixture of inkjet and display printing was used to develop electronic 3D printed objects

Printing represents an additive technology; it enables the formation of 3D objects based on the layer-by-layer method. In recent times, researchers have been capable of combining new materials into 3D printing processes to manufacture objects with high efficiency and enhanced properties. Also, researchers have been trying to optimize the 3D printing process itself, e.g., in terms of process speed, completely different object sizes, printing accuracy, and user-friendliness. However, a lot of the developments in this field still use merely on a single material for printing “conventional” 3D objects without further performance.

Printing articles with electronic functionality is a brand new idea in the realm of 3D printing, and one that is nonetheless at its infancy. To get hold of useful digital units, the question of processing and effectively combining different supplies with the well-known state-of-the-artwork 3D printing technologies stays.

The main wrestle with simultaneously combining various materials into the identical 3D object is the compatibility of one layer with the next. This means that upon printing a sheet, the earlier layers should be fixed either by annealing or by using orthogonal solvents in order to stop irregular structures.


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