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Riotoro Expands into Gaming Monitor at CES

Riotoro is one of those manufacturers people either know a lot about or nothing at all. It is predominantly specializing in budget and value keyboards, mouse, power supplies, cases, and a few cooling on the side. Today, it’s where Corsair was at, about 15-20 years ago.

 It’s a fledgling brand founded in 2014, most predominantly in the world of peripherals.

At CES 2020, the tech startup has declared some reasonably unusual additions to its product line.

Arguably the largest unveiling seen from any firm. The company has expanded into screens, headsets, gaming desks and chairs, and new components, and even more gaming peripherals. That’s one critical commitment, and a big gamble getting into so many areas that already have very well established brands occupying them. 

Riotoro’s first-ever gaming displays, based on the media release, are 16:9 27″ curved 1440p screens. It delivers an impressively sharp 1ms response on a VA panel and comes complete with a 144 Hz refresh rate and FreeSync as customary. As for ports, it features one HDMI 2.0, one DisplayPort 1.4, and one USB Type-C inputs. 

It’s nor clear who is manufacturing the panel; nevertheless, these are specs that seem similar to some of the models that MSI has had for the last year.

If that’s true and the panels are top-notch, If Riotoro can carry the price down while retaining the same level of quality in an analogous manner to what HyperX did with its original Cloud headsets, this may very well be a brand to look for. 


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