Singapore Government Orders Facebook to Issue Corrective Label on User’s Post

Facebook stated Saturday it had issued a correction notice on a user’s post at the request of the Singapore government, however, called for a measured approach to the implementation of a brand new “fake news” law within the city-state.

The correction label was embedded at the backside of the original post, with no changes to the text.

The Singapore government said Friday it had told Facebook “to publish a correction notice” on a November 23 post, which contained complaints about the arrest of a deemed whistleblower and election rigging.

Singapore, which is expected to name general elections inside months, stated the allegations have been “false” and “scurrilous” and initially ordered consumer Alex Tan, who runs the States Instances Overview weblog, to situation the correction notice on the post.

Tan, who doesn’t live in Singapore and says he’s an Australian citizen, refused, and authorities said he’s now facing an inquiry.

Some Singapore users nonetheless said that they might not see the correction notice. Facebook couldn’t instantly explain why the notice was unavailable to some users.

Two years in the making and implemented in October, Singapore’s law is the first to demand that Facebook issue corrections when instructed to do so by the federal government.

The Asia Internet Coalition, an association of internet and technology corporations, called the law the “most far-reaching law of its kind to this point,” while rights teams have said it might undermine internet freedoms, not only in Singapore but everywhere in Southeast Asia.


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