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SolidEnergy Intends to Commercialize its Lithium-ion Batteries

The startup SolidEnergy intends to upend the domination of lithium-ion batteries via the imminent commercialization of its proprietary lithium-metal battery know-how that provides a two-fold increase in energy density.

This isn’t the primary attempt to transition to a post-lithium-ion future. Nonetheless, SolidEnergy’s providing constitutes one of many more promising endeavors in recent times due, largely, to the practicality of its design in addition to the future commercialization of the startup’s product.

The theoretical technology about to lithium-metal batteries goes back decades. Although promising, the expertise has, until now, confirmed to be extraordinarily resistant to any possible commercialization because of the attendant safety issues arising from lithium’s high reactivity that makes lithium-metal cells extremely flammable and tougher to recharge.

SolidEnergy has previously tried to rectify these shortcomings by utilizing an ultra-thin lithium-steel foil as the anode, a proprietary electrolyte formulation that is still stable while in contact with lithium, and a modern cell meeting process. These measures have supported the agency to create and market “the world’s first” commercially feasible semi-solid lithium-metal cells that provide twice as much power density as that provided by conventional lithium-ion batteries.

Though SolidEnergy was started in 2012 at the MIT, its founder – Mr. Hu QiChao – selected Shanghai as the location of the company’s first manufacturing plant because of the region’s growing distinctness in the sphere of battery technology.

The Shanghai plant became operational this year and is positioned in the Jiading district, which also hosts dozens of EV manufacturers.


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